About Me

Peaches Ledwidge

 I like to express in various ways: stories, poems, art works, photography...

 My writing career started when I took a writing course taught by Professor Guy Allen at the University of Toronto.  I took the course because I had a deep longing to express.  (I would express myself through writing since elementary school, but I abandoned writing in my late teens.)  I loved the writing course and, of course, having a great teacher only made my experience richer.  I wrote many stories.  Of all the courses I took in university, I had never given them so much of myself or my talent as I did with my writing course.  I received my investment for my time spent writing--the first highest undergraduate grade, a published book titled Waves Against Rocks, invitations to read my stories in university classes and educational workshops, presentations at conferences, a circle of ethnically diverse writer friends, radio exposure, grants for my writing and the idea for the book, Day Laughs, Night Cries: Fifteen that I'm now working on I have now published.

Yes, this is a bit about me - mainly my writing career. 

"If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it," Jesse Jackson.