Monday, February 28, 2011

First Post - i love writing

"i" - here i am
my first blog post here
i want to write about things
about life
about writing

i want to learn more about writing
i want to understand writing
i want to understand why i write
because i always feel compelled to write

i want to learn about others who write, too
i want to know how they write
i want to know why they write
i want to know what they write
i want to know how their words impact others or me

"we" questions - they float in my head

do we write for attention?
do we always write for meaning?
do we write to express emotions?
sadness, grief, pain, joy...?
do we write because we express ourselves better in writing?

do write to show off?
do we write to intimidate others?
do we write because we're born writers?
do we write because we think we can write?
do we write because others say we can write?

do we write to teach?
do we write to learn?
do we write to heal?
do we write to inspire?
do we write for the joy of writing?

i think i know why i write
i've always loved writing
for the way words work magic
for the way i feel after a good out-pouring
for the way words transform and inform
for the way words teach
for the way words make me laugh or cry
for the way words heal

i love writing


  1. The way you're formatted and expressed this post makes me think about Poetry. Is that one of your skills too?

  2. and now another one from me:) is sweet:)

  3. Now you have three! So glad you're here!

  4. I love writing, too!

    This post is heartfelt and well written. Anyone who says, "I 'think' I want to write," should read what you've written here to know for sure.

  5. awesome....indeed you are a good writer

  6. Openness and honesty shine through... lovely tone!

  7. I used editing and proofreading services Ireland
    to boost my writing but I guess the basic tips is just to love what you write...

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