Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Importance of The Blog List

When I first launched my blog
I built a blog list
To read blogs I liked
And to keep in touch
With bloggers who visited me
Then one day
I looked at my blog
It looked crowded
I removed some things
And I removed the blog list too
That was a big mistake
I couldn’t find the bloggers
Who always visited my blog
And finding them was a feat
Sometimes their comments
Led me to Google plus
Sometimes to nowhere
I have decided to rebuild my blog list
Now I can find the bloggers I want
I don’t have to search for them
As a moon hidden behind clouds
All I do is click on a link
And I arrive on a page

The blog list is important to me


  1. Yep, have mine and won't delete it, be a pain to hop around then

  2. I use my blog roll. I don't want to add anything else to my blog, except I might follow your instructions to do a flash banner for an etsy shop I like.


  3. PEaches, you have been so kind to include also mine, thanks a lot. I get your problem thats why I always use bloglovin where I have the fav ones. You could also use it if you find it useful! Kisses dear, have a good weekend ahead! xxo

  4. I'm also doing a bloglist for myself, of all the people who followed my blog who are still blogging.

    Trying to do it in a way that I can actually visit everyone every now and then.

  5. It does help to keep track of the regulars.

  6. I would be lost without my blog list... Hey! That's what you said! LOL
    I completely agree :)

  7. I started following blogs on Bloglovin' and it's helped me stay on top of those I haven't yet read. Yay! Hate to miss good posts.

  8. I do not like Google plus. It is so redundant! Lately I have been using Bloglovin'. I don't love it but it does the trick of keeping connected.

  9. My bloglist is essential to me finding the blogs I want to read and follow. Yes it does crowd my blog but I'm never getting rid of it. At most I'll just create a list on my other blog for extras if I ever need to.

  10. I totally agree. I have a list of those who I follow. And, I'm now following you. Thanks for following me.

  11. Absolutely. I just give up when I get led on a wild goose chase through Google Plus, etc. Great idea to have a list. Now, Feedly keeps track of the blogs I follow, since Google Reader went away.

  12. i would have been screaming! that sucks girl :(